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  • ☀️ in Bath.
  • “Belts of vegetation cluster at the foot of craggy mountains, quenched by the nutrient-rich earth, while tufts of dry grass stare forlornly from afar.” | Read more at:
  • An Hourglass Upturned. 
Exploring the Astra region in Mauritania. 
Read more at (link in profile)
  • David, rilassante.
  • Cereal & Aesop Book Club. 
Cereal is pleased to be hosting a book club in Bath, in partnership with Aesop. 
Meetings will be held in the first-floor library of the Aesop store and will include an informal group discussion focused on one selected book. To find out more, and to book a ticket, please visit: All proceeds of the book club will be donated to the Bath Royal Literary and Scientific Institution.
  • “When I returned to photograph the quarries for a second time, abstractions of human form seemed to echo in the rocks.” From Material and Form. 

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