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  • “Light slips playfully through the slits of wooden shutters and wide stairwells, imbuing the plaster with a sun-kissed lamben.” Read more via link in profile.
  • Arching Palms: Casa Pueblo, Tulum. 
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  • “She leads me over rocks and roots, under trees buried in moss and ferns, pointing out begonia, plums, bitter oil trees...Knotted ebonies and stately mahoganies strain in a centuries-long race for light. Moss encrusted vines dangle to earth, thick as gymnasts’ ropes.” From our journey through Nyungwe National Park in Rwanda with @abercrombiekent.
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  • The first session of the Cereal & Aesop Book Club takes place this evening in Bath. In this session, we will discuss In Praise of Shadows by Jun’ichirō Tanizaki (1933). For more information on future book clubs, and to purchase tickets, see:
  • “Rhinecliff Station has the quality of a chapel; its arched ceilings reverberate with a thronging chorus of footfalls, whispers, and shouts, its wooden benches as tall as church pews. Announcements echo from the high roof and bounce around its brick alcoves...” From our train journey through upstate New York with @masterdynamic.
  • Travel in Sound - A train journey through upstate New York with @masterdynamic. 
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