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  • This past week, the Cereal team completed a meditation course with Jacqui and Arran of @thebroadplace. 
This daily practice is now an integral part of our creative work flow. 🙏
  • Umbrian Hills | Castello Di Reschio 
See more via the link in profile.
  • Our online guide to Montreal is now live at:
  • “My task and mission as an architect is to contribute to the quality of life.” // From our interview with @vincentvanduysen in Cereal Volume 14:
  • Bocci 28 series in opaque grey. 
At the Cereal office, May 2018.
  • “Finding beauty in imperfection – the sense of beauty being not in uniformity but in inconsistency, unevenness, blurriness, deviation, cracks, and distortions – has had a big influence on me.” // Read our interview with Ko Kado of Kamisoe on:

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