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  • Cereal Volume 17 launches today! 
In this volume, we explore the theme of PROCESS. 
We converse with Faye and Erica Toogood, discuss garden design with Luciano Giubbilei, and perfumery with Lyn Harris. We visit the studios of Stanley Whitney and Elliott Smedley, and travel to the mountains of Bhutan and the hills of Rwanda. 
The cover photo is a continuation of our still life series, reflecting a lighter, brighter tone for the Spring/ Summer season.

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  • Vases by Yoon Young Hur | @francisgallery
  • “The air smells of rain and salt. The barren and lifeless desert is gone; in its place, dense tropical gardens percolate with activity. The car stops, and I see it: vast, infinite, and sparkling – the Pacific Ocean.” |  Read the full article on One&Only Palmilla at: (link in profile)
  • Where Desert Meets Sea: One&Only Palmilla 
Read the full article at: (link in profile)
  • Spencer Fung | @francisgallery
  • “Everything, especially in architecture, is a question of circulation”, Le Corbusier once wrote, referring to ‘airiness’ as one of the essential joys of modern living. | 
Read more about Le Corbusier’s Paris apartment at: (link in profile)

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